Adidas FTX Compo 3 Composite Stick


The Adidas Hockey FTX Compo 3 is a chislesed 3D Head that provides the best in 3D skills for any player. The FTX Compo 3 has been 3D designed which means that you get the most power for minimal effort.

A low bow, 30% carbon stick featuring a 3D head shape and trapezoid stick shape.


  • 30% carbon
  • Low bow
  • 3D Head shape for increased ball control and enhanced 3D skills, especially on the reverse.
  • Trapezoid stick shape reduces the weight of the stick, improves stick strength and enhances 3D skills.
  • Female graphic
  • PU grip tape with additional EVA foam sleeve underneath grip tape to increase shock absorbtion.

Category: Hockey, Senior, Sticks

Type: Hockey

Vendor: Adidas

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