Adidas Ina .4 Hockey Stick

Size: 36.5
Sale price€185


 Adidas Ina .4 Composite Hockey Stick 2021


Designed for the female entertainer who wants to express freedom and creativity with their style of play. Both the low bow and 3D head allow the player to create like never before. The Ina .4 has a low bow and a 3D head which helps the athlete play in all dimensions.  A precision engineered construction creates a stick that doesn't compromise on power or touch and feel. Casting a spell on your opponent has never been easier.


  • BOW: Low Bow TX Shape - 220mm/24mm
  • HEAD SHAPE: 3D Head  assists with creative dribbling


  • 3D GEOMETRY: The unique adidas stick shape that stiffens the shaft, giving increased hitting power and a cleaner, sharper finish. The cut away under side of the stick helps to lift the ball more easily
  • EPOXY CORE: Located in the head of the stick, the epoxy core helps to produce a more consistent structure, enhancing the sweet spot and improving the response when passing and receiving the ball


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