Dunlop CX Team 265 Tennis Racket

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The Dunlop CX Team 265 rackets are the result of a collaboration between Dunlop and Srixon, where 100 years of experience is combined with the Japanese top quality frames. The CX Team 265 is lightweight and offers optimal ball feeling, control and power.

Weighing 265 grams, the CX Team 265 offers excellent control, but at the same time provides the necessary power. The central balance point of 325 mm and the medium-sized racket blade (645 cm²) provide a good mix of control and power.

Applied Technology
The applied Sonic Core Technology with a special rubber compound in the frame reduces vibrations, which makes the racket feel more comfortable. The Power Grid String Tech provides a 30% larger sweet spot, which gives you better control and more power and spin.

  • Weight: 265g
  • Head Size: 100 square inch
  • String Pattern: 16x19


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