Donic Schildkrot Persson 500 table tennis bat

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 The "Persson 500" table tennis bat from Donic-Schildkrot is suitable for recreational use and school sports, from beginners to committed recreational players. Good wood and handle quality, the racket is also equipped with the ITTF-approved Schildkroet Elite rubber, which enables a good transfer of the various playing techniques to the ball. The 1.6 mm thick sponge between the rubber and the wood achieves very good ball control. The material of the handle consists of cork, which, due to its high elasticity, provides a comfortable grip and, thanks to its natural properties, achieves very good sweat absorption and thus guarantees a safe stick control even with sweaty hands. This racket series is dedicated to the multiple world champion Joergen Persson, who is very closely associated with Donic even after his career has ended.
  • Suitable for recreational use & school sports
  • Thick sponge between rubber & wood achieves very good ball control
  • Handle achieves very good sweat absorption

Product Details:

  • Code: M728451
  • Brand: Donic-Schildkrot
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions: 26cm (L) x 14.6cm (W) x 2.2cm (H)
  • Material:  Basswood, Cork (China), rubber covering
  • Weight:133g

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