Head Extreme Team 2022 Tennis Racket

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Composition: Graphite
Grip Size: 2
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The Head Extreme Team tennis racket is ideal for players looking for an accessible racket that offers great maneuverability combined with optimized spin.

The 645cm² headsize offers forgiveness on shots while providing excellent control to power ratio.  The 275 gram weight coupled with a 33 cm in head balance will provide excellent maneuverability. This will help improve your spin and net safety as well as provide more length.  The thicker profile of this racket (23/26/21mm) improves forgiveness and offers a better energy return to the ball for more power without having to strain your arm.  The 16x19 string pattern will accentuate spin to whip up a storm in your opponents' racket!

Player Type:

- Beginner to Intermediate level players looking for a versatile racket that provides power and maneuverability


- Auxetic: Specific construction used in the Yoke of the racquet. The carbon fibers are woven in a special way to provide better feedback and feel when hitting.
- Graphene Inside: Graphene is located at the 3 o'clock, 9 o'clock and 12 o'clock positions to strengthen the frame, provide greater stability and better energy transfer from the racquet to the ball upon hitting.
- Spin Shaft: Optimizes the lateral stability of the racquet, providing more spin.
- Spin Grommets: Funnel grommets on the center posts to improve string movement and maximize spin and power
- Power Grommets: Reworked grommets on the center struts to boost trampoline spin


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