Donic Schildkrot 1 star Elite Table Tennis Balls

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The Elite 1-Star plastic table tennis ball for advanced recreational games. 3 balls in the most common colour white and 3 balls in orange for better visibility due to more colour contrast. Diameter:40mm, in the new Poly 40+ quality. Since July 2014, the classic celluloid balls have been replaced by the new plastic balls at ITTF tournaments and then gradually in most high-ranking leagues. Plastic balls are more environmentally friendly to manufacture with comparable playing properties. By default, they are distinguished from conventional celluloid balls by the imprint "40+". By the way, Schildkrot's table tennis ball production goes back a long way. The so-called blow-press method was developed by Schildkrot in Mannheim as early as 1896, and the balls are still made today. No other brand is as connected to the table tennis ball as Schildkroet.

  • For advanced recreational games
  • 4 balls in white & 3 balls in orange
  • No other brand is as connected to the table tennis ball as Schildkrot

Product Details:

  • Code: M608511
  • Brand: Donic-Schildkrot
  • Colour: White/Green & Yellow/Green
  • Dimensions: 19cm (L) x 11cm (W) x 4.5cm (H)
  • Material:  ABS Plastic

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