Funkita Ladies Diamond Back One Piece Blue Bottle

Size: Ladies 14
Sale price€55


I’m the Funkita one piece that has been around since day dot and without bragging, continue to remain the most popular style.

My Story

Our latest skincare treatment has been scientifically proven by medical-type professionals who are massive on TT, that getting stung by any sort of jellyfish helps keep your skin young and supple. Which is why our latest swimwear is woven with the stinging tentacles of jellyfish and blue bottles. After you’ve worn our swimwear, you’ll need to regularly purchase our anti-sting treatment to help relieve the pain that you will experience. But at the end of it all you will look and feel amazing and we’ll have pocketed your hard earned money. This print is a repeating pattern so each product will look slightly different. We can’t guarantee that what you see in a photo is exactly what you’ll get, but it does mean you will be an individual!

  • C-Infinity Fabric-  Chlorine resistant,  shape retaining, quick drying & 50+ UV Protection
  • Polyester Lining
  • Double Bind Strap
  • Moderate Leg
  • Placement Print

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