Head Elite Backpack

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Head Elite Backpack

The Head Elite Backpack scores high when it comes to small details. From your racket to your bottle, everything has its own compartment in this bag, so you can store your stuff in an orderly, quick and easy way. There is an integrated shoe compartment where you can store your shoes separately from the rest of your gear. There is also place for sweaty clothes. Small items such as accessories and your phone can be stored in the spacious front pocket of the Head Elite Backpack. But the most important is of course the racket compartment where you can store two rackets. This padded compartment keeps your rackets optimally protected during transport. In the second main section you can easily put some extra clothing, a towel and accessories. On both sides of the Head Elite Backpack are mesh pockets where you can put a bottle and some balls in.

The Head Elite Backpack comes with two padded shoulder straps. You can also carry this bag comfortably on one shoulder. There's a grab handle on top for easy pick up.

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