Head Graphene 360+ Gravity S Senior Tennis Racket

Composition: Graphene
Grip Size: 1
Sale price€175


The Gravity MP is an excellent racket for advanced  intermediate players.  The racket has a massive sweet-spot - a key characteristic of Gravity rackets. This is achieved by giving the reasonably sized 100 sq inch head a tear-drop shape that widens the cross strings to increase the sweet-spot.

The MP comes in a 16x20 string pattern for a good balance of accuracy and spin potential. It feels great to play with, particularly due to the addition of HEAD's newly updated Graphene 360+ technology. This allows the frame to be capable of powerful shots, yet feel softer on the arm when the strings make contact with the ball.

The front of the racket is coloured in teal, while the other side features red, giving the frame a unique and colourful cosmetic.

295g in weight with a 100 square inch head.

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