Head Gravity MP 2021 Tennis Racket

Composition: Graphene
Grip Size: 2
Sale price$220


Head revisits its Gravity racquet line by proposing a new inverted design, different on each side of the racquet, based on blue-violet and yellow-green gradients. Recommended by Alexander Zverev and Ashleigh Barty, Gravity racquets have been designed with an extended sweetspot to make the racquet more forgiving and powerful. A particularly bright and bold style optimized for the "New Gen" style of offensive play. 

In terms of features, this MP model has a 645cm² headsize that, in addition to its tolerance, will offer great versatility on all your shots. The 295g weight combined with a 32.5cm balance offers excellent manoeuvrability to allow you to put maximum spin into the ball, while being very responsive in your shots.

The 16x20 string pattern offers more versatility than the 18x20 so you can hit decisive shots with control, but also counter with a lot of punch. The thin profile (22mm) and low stiffness (61 Ra) also enhance the control offered by this racquet.


295g in weight with a 100 square inch head.

This racket suits intermediate to advanced players looking for a racket that is comfortable and offers lots of control and feel.

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