Head IG Speed Junior 26" Tennis Racket

Size: 26
Sale price$76



The Head Speed IG Junior 26 rackut is ideal for the champions of tomorrow to progress easily. The black & white design with small copper details is very elegant and will allow your child to play with the same sobriety as Novak Djokovic.

HEAD´s junior rackets series helps kids get started perfectly for today´s modern game. This excellent racket for children between 9 and 12 years is the perfect combination of speed and control, making it an excellent model for small beginners.

Made of a graphite composite, this model is ideal for children who are looking to play their first tournament with a solid racket.

The light racket (250gr) and the big head (645cm²) size will make it easier for you to develop your tennis skills and hit the ball in the centre of the racket head.

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