Head Speed S Senior Tennis Racket

Grip Size: 1
Sale price€170


Head´s Speed S is a great option for the rising intermediate who wants a more user-friendly entry point into the Speed series. From the baseline, the Speed S feels fast and accurate.

The light weight makes it easy to take bigger cuts when swinging for power, and the grippy 16x19 string pattern supplies plenty of bite for bringing the ball down with spin. All in all, the Speed S remains a solid member of the Speed series, and can be a great choice for players searching for a more user-friendly option than the Pro and MP models.

The SPEED S is lighter and easier to handle than the PRO and MP and therefore perfect for the player who needs an extra amount of maneuverability. Just like the rest of the series, the SPEED S features the new Graphene 360 technology which provides greater stability and optimized energy transfer for more power, thus more ball speed. The new assymetric design identity features a bold black and white color-blocking in the shaft area. Completed by truly unique see-through carbon fibres in the head, the racquet looks as beautiful as it performs.

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