Wilson Blade 98S V7.0 Tennis Racket (Frame)

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The Wilson Blade 98S V7.0 is the ideal racket for players wanting to have great spin with lots of control.  In fact, due to its head size of 630cm², this model allows for great precision shots for players who are physically relaxed and can easily center the ball.  Its weight of 295g with a balance of 32.5cm, allows you to be more agile so that you can easily accelerate the head of the racket and maximize your spin. The Wilson Blade “Flat Beam” square section is known for its beam width (20.6mm) increasing its stability and control.  The string pattern 18×16 will give you extra punch, as well as an excellent responsiveness and spin of the ball.

It’s not just a new Blade, it’s the best Blade!

This racket will suit  experienced players looking for spin and control. 


– Feel Flex:  Inspired by the Free Flex technology embodied in the Clash, the Feel Flex system will improve the flexibility of this racket without compromising its stability so that you can have a greater feel for the game.  This is made possible thanks to the strategic addition of Carbon Mapping in the racket.

– Spin Effect: The reverse string pattern will improve spin for explosive rebounds. 

  • Weight 295g
  • Composition Graphite
  • Head Size 98 in²
  • String Pattern 16x18

These rackets come unstrung so please contact us about stringing

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