Wilson Tour Duffel bag

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This Wilson Tour Duffel tennis bag is big enough to store a great deal of items.

You can store up to 3 rackets and many other tennis related articles in the primary compartment. You can divide this compartment into several areas as there are removable walls to help you organise your belongings.

This bag possesses an elastic pocket and a zipped pocket within the interior. There is a small zipped pocket in the front of the bag to enable you to store your personal items, such as your phone and keys. Also, there is a large pocket on the side to store your shoes and separate them from the rest of your belongings.

There are two adjustable and practical straps to allow you to carry the bag by hand or over the shoulder.

  • Capacity - 3 rackets
  • Length 76cm
  • Width 30cm
  • Height 30cm

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