Re-String Service

Friendly, professional service with a quick turn around we will have your racket back to you within 24 hours – usually same day.

Open for stringing 7 days a week.

With over 10 years of experience as stringers, we deliver pro level quality and consistency in racket restrings for all players – beginners to elite.

Restrings start at €23.00 (string included). Supplying own string costs €18.

We also offer a regripping service in store, simply choose a grip from our large selection and we'll fit it, there and then, while you wait.

Advice on re-stringing

How often you restring your racket will depend on the type of racket you use, your style of play, the type of strings you use and how often you play.

These are some of the signs to look out for and some general rules of thumb to help you decide if it is time to restring your racket.  Rackets should be restrung as many times a year as you play each week. i.e.  If you play once a week, you need to restring once a year, play twice a week, restring twice a year and so on.

Rackets should be restrung after 40 – 50 hours of play.

Nylon strings will lose their tension quicker than others, usually after 30 – 40 hours of play.

At the very minimum, your racket should be restrung every 6 months regardless of how often you play.  This is because the strings will naturally lose their tension and elasticity over time.

Those players who pride themselves on never having had their racket strung or not done for years are actually increasing their risk of injuries such as….tennis elbow, shoulder & other arm problems and they are also decreasing the performance of their racket.

It is very important to get the right strings to suit you.  Choosing the correct strings will ensure that your performance will improve and having your racket strung regularly will maintain this performance.

String Types

Synthetic gut

Nice string to play with. Good balance of playability and durability. This string is used by 60-70% of players.


The nicest string to play with. It is the most elastic of the strings resulting in a large sweet spot but is not the most durable. This is ideal for anyone with tennis elbow problems.

Top Spin

This is a type of synthetic gut with a rougher texture to the string which will give more bite on the ball resulting in more spin.

Polyester Monofilament

This is a hard wearing durable string suitable for hard hitting players.  Often used a part of a mix.

Poly Mix

This is a combination of a poly string in the mains and something else (Synthetic gut/topspin) in the crosses.  This is more durable than a full synthetic gut re-string.

Brands of string we use include Babolat, Wilson, Technifibre, Solinco & Head.