Aqua sphere Micro Fin HP

Size: 27-31
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The Microfin HP from Aqua Sphere is a black swim training fin with closed heel and open toe foot pocket, that will help to build up your leg strength and ankle flexibilty. These short fins have a soft foot pocket with pull tab at the heel and a rigid blade. The many benefits of wearing swim fins make them a fantastic swim training aid for serious swimmers.  COLOUR MAY VARY SLIGHTLY FROM PICTURE SHOWN


  • Increase Speed: swimming with fins propels you through the water faster and your legs work harder then they would without fins to maintain the speed. You are able to maintain that quicker pace wearing swim fins, but without fins you would quickly become fatigued. Using swim fins will ultimately make your leg muscles stronger to enable you to swim faster.
  • Improve Leg Strength and Flexibility: Fins will force your feet to extend and flex beyond their normal range of motion, plus the extra force on your ankles as you kick will improve your ankle flexibility. The water resistance fins create, because of the increased surface area of your foot, builds up strength in your legs.
  • Improve Body Position: The buoyancy of fins means that they will help you to keep your legs and overall body position higher in the water.
  • Improve Racing Technique: Swimming with fins allows you to swim at typical race speeds without the fatigue that that brings. You are therefore able to swim as in a race, which means your body movements are faster than they are in typical swim training.
  • Ergonomic and comfortable foot pocket
  • Raised rubber ribs allow proper channelling of water
  • Length calibrated blade
  • Rubber beadings
  • Anti slip rubber pads give grip on the wall when doing flip turns and also on wet areas around the pool
  • Rigid sole prevents muscle cramps

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