Babolat Boost Strike Tennis Racket

Grip Size: 1
Sale price€110


Whether you're just starting out or returning to tennis with new expectations, the Boost Strike tennis racquet is your best ally. With its sleek, elegant design and graphite composition, the Boost Strike is your best weapon for enjoying yourself while unleashing your full potential. We've designed this tennis racquet for maximum power and ease of handling. Its 285 gram weight, slightly heavier than the previous generation, will give you extra control on every stroke.


Improve your rhythm and play more effectively! The Boost Strike tennis racquet the ideal choice if you're a player who wants more power to boost your game. Because it's so easy to handle, you'll experience the improved feel immediately and easily unleash your full potential.


Boost your game with this easy to handle tennis racquet! We have reworked this generation of the Boost Strike by slightly increasing the balance (330 mm instead of 325 mm) and weight (285 g instead of 280 g) to give you more control and ease of handling.


No more sore arms from playing with a heavy racquet! Lightweight and easy to handle, thanks to its graphite construction and 260g weight, the Boost Strike tennis racquet is the perfect trade-off for maximum enjoyment on the tennis court.
Woofer System


The first and most effective frame-string interaction system that provides a longer ball and string contact time for greater control and comfort.

The sleek and elegant design makes the Boost Strike is an easy-to-play tennis racket perfect for those beginner players.

  • Weight 285 grams
  • Balance 33 cm
  • Hitting surface 102

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