Babolat Evo Aero Racket

Grip Size: 1
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Babolat EVO Aero

Performance meets value with the Babolat EVO Aero Yellow edition tennis racquet!

This frame is the ideal option for the transitioning junior seeking an adult frame. The EVO Aero brings a combination of both power and comfort to your game out on the court. Babolat includes their Woofer System technology which is a frame-to-string interaction system that increases dwell time for added comfort and control.

The EVO Aero features Spin Alpha as its aeromodular frame design is engineered for loads of spin thanks to its open 16x18 string pattern. Optimal feel and sound thanks to the implementation of EVO Feel into the frame. With a 102 square inch head, a light 10.3 ounce strung weight and an open 16x18 string pattern the EVO Aero Yellow is the great option for the transitioning junior looking for power and comfort with loads of spin.

This racquet comes pre-strung from Babolat at mid tension between 50-55 lbs, If you require different strings or different tension please call or email. There is an additional cost for restringing.

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