Babolat Jet Mach 3 Clay Shoe

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The Jet Mach 3 is still designed to guarantee maximum precision and freedom in all your movements. Thanks to the latest development of Matryx® technology, it offers even more lightness, comfort and stability. The Michelin sole has been redesigned to respond to every sudden start and stop while maintaining optimal durability.


Since the Jet Mach 3 weighs only 325 g (for a size 42.5 EU), you can literally fly over the tennis court with it! By using the unique MATRYX EVO material with PAHT and Aramid threads positioned in specific areas, we have managed to make the shoe ultra-light and abrasion-resistant without compromising on stability and fit.

The KPRSX system is constantly evolving to provide optimal cushioning at all stages of the game. The entire heel area is now protected by a lower hardness EVA foam that cushions shocks from any type of exertion. The design of the heel promotes the rolling movement of the foot and thus the transition from stopping to starting. The result: cushioning that is second to none.

The sole has been redesigned to react even more precisely to the stresses of the game: the surface area and the thickness of the profile have been increased in the areas subject to the greatest abrasion and made lighter in the areas subject to less stress.

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