Babolat Shadow Team Indoor Shoe

Size: UK5.5
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Product description Babolat Shadow Team Indoor Shoes

Looking for your first shoe that´s perfectly suitable to Badminton?... Don´t hesitate, take the step. Its sole designed for badminton moves, its lateral reinforcement and its heel cushioning will take you further in your game, while protecting you.


100% badminton:
- The Michelin and Babolat engineering teams have collaborated for long months to develop a special sole with remarkable performance: a three-dimensional grip, combined with a unique rubber formula, guarantees the ideal range of movement and controlled sudden stops, without compromising on durability.

Long-lasting protection:
- Badminton is a demanding sport, and its when you start that that the risks of injury are sometimes greater. The Shadow Team is there to support you while you learn. The lateral support and heel cushioning are perfectly suitable for the specific moves in Badminton. The friction areas of the forefoot are reinforced, for a longer life cycle than a standard shoe.

Mesh 3d:
- The 3D mesh of the upper is an open material that ensures optimal breathability and comfort.

Internal protection:
- A hard-wearing protective piece covering the inner forefoot to improve the durability of the upper.

- The Michelin rubber has been developed specifically for badminton to offer the best combination of grip and durability on all types of indoor court.

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