Dunlop SX 300 Limited Edition x2 (FRAME)

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Grip Size: 2
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The Dunlop Sx 300 racquet is perfect for players looking for maximum spin while retaining excellent stability. Everything has been done to make this a spin machine! Compared with the previous version, the 2022 edition has a lower swingweight to improve aerodynamics and manoeuvrability, while increasing hitting power.

With a weight of 300 g and a balance of 32 cm,this racquet offers plenty of stability and an excellent power/control ratio to make your opponents back off under the weight of your balls.
The 645 cm² headsize is complemented by Spin Boost+ Grommets technology to increase off-centre forgiveness and reduce errors while improving spin. The 16x19 string pattern, coupled with Spin Boost String Tech, will increase the space between the strings and optimise their movement while increasing the power of the shot to easily overpower your opponents with powerful, lifted shots.
The racquet's 68 Ra stiffness, complemented by V Energy Shaft, gives it enough rigidity to give you extra power, while remaining comfortable thanks to the presence of Sonic Core Infinergy foam in the frame, which will reduce vibrations.

Type of player :

- Advanced players looking for maximum spin and power.

Technology :

- Sonic Core Infinergy: TPU foam developed by BASF to reduce vibration and increase ball energy return.
- Spin Boost+ Grommets: Greater freedom of the 12 main vertical strings (compared with 10 on the previous version) to offer more tolerance to off-centre hits and better spin. This is made possible by the direction of movement offered to each grommet according to its function.
- Spin Boost String Tech: Reworked string pattern with greater spacing between the uprights, but also between the crossbars, to spread the strings apart and offer greater forgiveness, power and spin.
- V Energy Shaft: The heart of the racket has been hollowed out to improve air penetration and stability for more power.


Weight unstrung 10.6 oz / 300 g
Composition Graphite
Head Size 99.98 in² / 645 cm²
Length 26.97 in / 68.5 cm
Stiffness 68 RA
Balance unstrung 12.6 in / 32 cm
Beam Width 23-26-23 mm
String Pattern 16x19

Frame - Unstrung*

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