Fitness Mad Mat Slap Band

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Introducing our Yoga Mat Slap Band - a game changer for yogis on the move. This innovative band simplifies the task of carrying your yoga mat, ensuring that it stays compact and easy to transport. With a quick and effortless "slap-on" design, you can securely wrap it around your rolled-up mat in a matter of seconds.

Say goodbye to awkwardly carrying your yoga mat or struggling with loose straps. Crafted from lightweight, durable TPE, the Yoga Mat Slap Band adds minimal weight to your yoga mat. It fits most standard-sized yoga mats from thin lightweight yoga mats to thick cushioned mats. Simplify your yoga routine and make transporting your yoga mat a breeze, the perfect companion for yogis on the go. 


  • Snaps in place: Instantly slaps around your yoga mat for an instant and secure transportation 
  • Secure hold: Ensures the mat stays tightly wrapped, eliminating the risk of it unravelling during transport
  • Fits most mats: Suitable length for all yoga mat sizes, from compact travel mats to larger, more cushioned options
  • Mat not included

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