Franklin court marker kit

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Franklin Court Marker Kit Pickleball

The FRANKLIN Court Marker Kit Pickleball Yellow is an essential tool for training and practicing pickleball. This kit includes four bright yellow court markers, which can be easily placed on any flat surface to create a 20x44 feet pickleball court. These markers are made of durable material and have a non-slip backing to ensure they stay in place during intense gameplay.

The yellow color of the markers provides high visibility, making it easy for players to distinguish the boundaries of the court. This helps in maintaining proper positioning and footwork during training sessions. The size of 20x44 feet is regulation size, allowing players to practice in a realistic setting and improve their skills.

This court marker kit is perfect for beginners who are learning the game or experienced players who want to refine their techniques. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it versatile and suitable for different playing environments. Whether it's on a gym floor, pavement, or grass, these markers will help create a pickleball court anywhere.

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