Head Bolt Padel 2023 Blue

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Head Bolt Padel 2023 Blue

If you're a casual player starting to compete at a club, and you dare to be colorful, make an entrance with the BOLT, with its bold design. This oversized, teardrop-shaped racquet won't just brighten up your game - it will also supercharge it, with its easy power and soft playing feel, as well as tolerance and forgiveness. While the fiberglass hitting surface supplies a softer feel and touch, the larger sweet spot offers more tolerance and forgiveness.


  • Beam: 38mm / 1.5 in
  • Head size: 525cm2 / 81in2
  • Weight: 360g / 12.7 oz
  • Balance 265mm / 1.5 in HH
  • Shape: Teardrop OS

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