Head Extreme One Padel 2023

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The frame and sides of the Head Extreme One are made up of layers of 12k carbon fibre and grahene. This combination provides maximum resistance. As well as boosting power, it improves the precision and feel of your shots.

The core of the Head Extreme One padel is made from Power Foam. This foam is the ideal ally for obtaining unrivalled power without neglecting all the comfort of Foam.

 What's new about the Extreme One this year is its "Auxetic" structure. This new technology is strategically positioned in the frame of the racket. It gives the carbon characteristics that allow its fibres to expand and contract on impact. The result is an incredible energy return from the ball, plus a pleasant feel.

 The Head Extreme One also features the Anti Shock Skin system, a polymeric material that creates shock protection for your racket. 

 The frame of the Head Extreme One has been made to measure and each section of tube has been individually constructed. This construction technique results in a more durable and higher-performing racket. 

 It also features the 'Smart Bridge' system, which improves control and precision for players on the padel court.

 Who is the ideal player for the Extreme One?

For players who need extra support at the net, the Extreme Pro is for you! It's designed for advanced or even experienced players who want to control their powerful shots. It's perfect for offensive players who want to be aggressive at net. The Head Extreme Pro racquet makes a difference on the court and will surprise your opponents. Weighing in at just 345g, this is a mixed racquet designed for both men and women!

 Head Extreme One 2023: a racket with just one hole!

Designed to bring the single-hole racket back into fashion, Head's Extreme One launches a new era! In terms of feel, there's no difference in manoeuvrability with a classic racket! This unique style will leave no one indifferent!



  • Advanced / Expert
  • Soft
  • Diamond
  • 340-350g
  • Carbon fiber
  • Power
  • Smooth

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