Joma Montreal Rain Jacket Junior

Color: Royal
Size: Age 7-8 (4XS)
Sale price€40


Montreal raincoat with hood that can be zipped and tucked in the collar. Slightly longer at the back. Includes zippered pockets and incorporates a lightweight mesh on the inside to improve breathability. Subliminal sleeves and top.

  • Flatweave, lightweight fabrics that protect the body from the direct impact of the air. Protects the body from the direct impact of the air.
  • Strategically placed pockets for storing essential items while practising sport. Can be used to store any item.
  • Waterproof technology which protects and insulates against environmental factors such as rain or wind. It keeps you dry throughout your sporting activity.
  • Durable finish applied to the fabric to prevent the rapid deterioration of the fibre and its colours. Increases the useful life of the garment, thanks to the durability of the fabric.
  • Garments made of elasticated knit fabric which facilitates movement during your workout. It fits perfectly to the body, allowing you to workout with total freedom of movement.

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