Mizuno Wave Inspire 20 Men's

Size: UK7
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The Wave Inspire 20 is Mizuno's iconic supportive running shoe for everyday running. This version features super soft Enerzy cushioning to absorb shock and give you energy return with each stride, powering your momentum.

AIRmesh Upper

Constructed using an AIRmesh upper, the Wave Inspire 20 provides the utmost breathability and comfort. Ensuring a constant supply of airflow, the upper design keeps you cooler and drier for longer, especially during tough runs. The Wave Inspire 20 is tailored to fit like a glove, it works to adapt to the gait cycle allowing for a more personalised, seamless fit as you strive for new PBs. A recycled PET shoelace, lacing system looks the midfoot down to prevent excessive movement and makes it easy to secure a comfortable fit. As well as this, a soft and padded tongue and ankle collar will reduce the risk of irritation caused by rubbing and chafing.

Mizuno Enerzy Midsole

A combination of highly technical fabrics and constructions provides enhanced comfort and cushioning. The main technology enhancing the performance of the midsole is the Mizuno Enerzy, which is soft and responsive, ensuring it provides soft and propulsive cushioning. Mizuno Enerzy has been developed to enhance performance capacity and guarantee that athletes retain more energy they put in, all whilst providing an overall more comfortable feeling. The redesigned anatomically shaped Mizuno Wave plate works in perfect tandem with Mizuno Enerzy to give your foot support, preventing excessive inward movement at the ankle, and keeping your body in a natural straight alignment.

X-10 Carbon Rubber Outsole

The outsole of the Inspire 20 has been made using X-10, the most durable carbon rubber which allows for longer wear in high-impact areas and supplements traction at the heel. This helps to lessen the impact placed on the knees and joints, allowing for a more comfortable ride as well as optimising gait efficiency. The outsole also ensures maximum grip and traction for a firm, assured footing so you can run with confidence and push yourself to the limit, time and time again. SmoothRide technology also resides in the outsole and works with the midsole to provide a fluid, rocking-chair-like transition. As the foot hits the ground, SmoothRide engineering kicks in with heel flex grooves promoting a natural back-to-front movement. The forefoot flex grooves and flex controllers then work together to continue the smooth forward motion resulting in an efficient fluid motion that allows runners to harness their power.

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