OSAKA Pro Tour 100 2.0 Pro Bow Hockey Stick

Size: 36.5"
Sale price€350


The pinnacle of performance, the Pro Tour 100 sets a new standard for elite players. With the highest carbon content, this stick offers unrivaled power, speed, and control. Experience the ultimate in hockey performance and unlock your full potential on the field. 

The Pro Bow is the best dribbling shape in the world. The maximum bow point lies at 250mm from the head with a maximal height of 24mm. This creates a next-generation shape with a slim and dynamic profile, ideal for modern technical play-styles. The design is focused on 3D ball control first, followed closely by flicking and shooting. 

The Osaka Pro Tour range uses 3K biaxial twill weave carbon fabric. The strength/weight ratio is what makes this the golden standard in sports equipment manufacturing. 

  • 98% carbon - including 3K Biaxial twill weave carbon fabric
  • 2% kevlar reinforcement

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