OSAKA Pro Tour 40 Pro Bow Hockey Stick

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Size: 36.5"
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OSAKA Pro Tour 40 Pro Bow Hockey Stick

The Osaka Pro Tour 40 are identical to the Osaka Pro Tour hockey sticks, but contain less carbon. The hockey stick is therefore more suitable for players who prefer feeling instead of strength. The Osaka hockey sticks are all made of 40% Carbon, which gives you more feeling over the ball without sacrificing much strength and power. The Osaka Pro Tour 40 hockey stick has a so-called Pro Bow curve, which is comparable to a Mid Bow curve. The maximum curvature of 24mm is in the middle of the hockey stick, 250mm from the hook. The hockey stick is intended for the all-round hockey player who masters all parts of the game.

- Material: 40% Carbon, 55% Glass Fiber & 5% Kevlar
- Pro Bow, comparable to a Mid Bow curvature

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