Wilson Jet Protective Squash Eyewear

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  • Wilson Jet Protective Eyewear
    The Wilson Jet Protective Eyewear is ultra-light and thanks to
    the aerodynamic design it is very comfortable to use.
    The glasses are equipped with a ventilation system.
    The small holes in the material ensure that the glasses
    do not fog up and your vision of the ball remains optimal.

    The Wilson Jet Protective Eyewear is compact and therefore
    easy to store in your bag. This Protective Eyewear consists of
    one piece with a soft silicone material on your nose, which
    ensures that the glasses are extremely comfortable to wear,
    fit on well and stay firmly in place. There are holes at the
    top of the glasses and the black edge right above joins the arms of the glasses.
    These are very flexible and fit exactly on your ears.

    This comfortable Protective Eyewear is supplied with a black
    protective bag with the Wilson logo.
    This bag also serves as a cleaning cloth.

    With the Wilson Jet Protective Eyewear your eyes
    are optimally protected when you play squash.

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