Wilson Ultra 108 V4.0 Tennis Racket

Grip Size: 3
Sale price€230


This Wilson Ultra 108 V4 racket is one of the most powerful models from the American brand.  It has a weight of 270g and a balance of 33.5cm to offer more maneuverability and speed to the racket head.

The 697cm² headsize emphasizes power and is very forgiving when you don't hit the ball in the sweet spot. This racket features Sweet Spot Channel technology that increases the length of the horizontal strings to develop more forgiveness. The head size is versatile and provides extra control.

The 16x18 string pattern allows for easy access to spin and extra spin on your shots. Be ready to push your opponents away with powerful shots and lots of spin!  The racket profile becomes slightly thicker in the centre of the headsize and core to provide more stability and power to your shots.

It is also important to note that this model is longer (69.2 cm) than the other rackets in the Ultra range.  This will give you extra leverage, especially when serving and backhand hitting. The aim is to offer more power.

Player Type:

- Beginner level players looking for power and forgiveness.
- Seniors looking for a more user-friendly racquet.

  • Weight: 270g
  • Head Size: 108 Square inch
  • Graphite
  • String Pattern: 16x18

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