Winmau Blade 6 Triple Core Dartboard

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The Winmau Blade 6 Triple Core Dartboard is endorsed by the Professional Darts Corporation. 

Made of natural sisal fibres, one of the highest quality and most durable dartboards materials, this Dartboard comes with a professional mounting system. The metal segments have been reduced to increase the playing surface. This Dartboard is made without staples and has a very very thin wiring system.

Features an all-new Triple Core Carbon Base patented system, that provides a seamless playing surface and a third, high compression layer, with carbon fibre reinforced sisal. The ultimate in dartboard construction, providing optimal fibre density, unrivalled dart retention and maximum scoring.


  • 60° Angled Blade Wire: ultra-thin 60° angled wire deflects darts into the scoring area for absolute minimal bounce outs.
  • Density control: optimum fibre density and improved dart retention in the double, treble and bullseye zones.
  • Triple Core Carbon:  all-new patented system with a seamless playing surface and a third, high compression layer, with carbon fibre reinforced sisal.
  • Hi visibility sisal: All new graphics and the world’s first laser cut anti-glare number ring for the ultimate playing experience.
  • Easy Adjust Mounting System: the Blade 6 Triple Core fits any wall allowing you to start playing within minutes.
  • Includes spirit level


  • Dimensions (Diameter x Thickness): 450 x 38 mm

Product Care: Bristle dartboards are climate sensitive and need to be stored indoors in a cool dry place, without moisture.

These dartboards cannot be stored in an outside shed / covered area as they are at risk of mould in cool climates or drying out in higher temperatures.

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